9 Cheap Gift Ideas for Skateboarders- You Can’t Go Wrong

So Christmas or someone’s birthday is coming up and you need to get a gift. This person is a skater, but you’re not.

What should you get them as a present?

Let’s dive into it.

Street Wear from Their Favorite Brand

Cost: $20-$80

I just realized my ex still has the Tussa Skateshop shirt I wanted to post a picture of. It was pink and looks like this Hobo Johnson shirt so this will have to do.

This is probably the gift that the skater in your life might get the most excited about. Everyone loves some new streetwear, especially from a brand they like.

The price range here is pretty wide as it depends on what you purchase and from what company. Some skate companies have decided they are luxury fashion companies now and charge ridiculous amounts of money for a shirt or pullover. Avoid brands like Polar Skate Co who do this.

It is good to figure out what brand the skater in your life likes. Or you can figure out their favorite skater and search their company sponsors.

Supporting local is cool too so maybe just snag a t-shirt from your local skate shop.

A Set of New Wheels

Cost: $20-$35

Please note that this is more of a nice-to-have gift rather than a strictly practical gift. Yes, wheels are a necessity when building a new set-up but otherwise skaters don’t switch out their wheels too often. This is a shame because wheels with a new hardness are one of the cheapest ways to change how your board rides.

Regardless, a set of new wheels is affordable and will absolutely be appreciated by the skater in your life. Try to stick to one of the most reputable brands here such as Spitfire, Slimeballs, or Bones wheels.

There aren’t too many wheel companies out there and the cream has already risen to the top so do your research and don’t buy just anything.

A Skateboarding T-tool

Cost: $5-$25

skate tool
This little guy is so useful.

Last, but definitely not least on this list, is a skateboarding T-tool.

A T-tool is an all-in-one skate tool that is small, easy to carry, and allows a skater to adjust and repair their skateboard. No extra tools are required.

This gift is extremely handy as otherwise adjusting your truck tightness would require specific wrenches from a toolset and no one just carries around a tool kit. A skateboard T-tool is also incredibly cheap to buy.

The only caveat here is if the skater in your life already has a skate tool, then they don’t really need a new one. Skate tools are really only replaced if they are lost. I’ve never broken one before.

Check out any local skate shop or online retailer to pick one up.

A Set of New Skate Shoes

Cost: $50-$90

Probably the biggest expense for skaters is skate shoes.

A board can last for months if you don’t get unlucky, but skate shoes will always wear down as fast as you are skating. If you skate nearly every day, then those shoes might last a month.

This makes a pair of skate shoes a perfect and practical gift for the skater in your life. Preferably try to figure out which brand shoes they prefer as some people have some strong opinions when it comes to brand. For example, some skaters swear by Nike SB and love Nyjah while others consider the company a greedy corporation.

My personal recommendations are Vans Old Skool sneakers (you can see I wear them) or Adidas Core shoes. Yes, these are both large corporations, but I tend to go to bigger companies for shoes and then preferably local for everything else.

Skateboarding Insoles

Cost: $25-$45

This is something that I believe is great for a skater to have as it will protect their knees and skaters are unlikely to actually buy for themselves. Insoles are also pretty affordable.

For these reasons, skateboards insoles are a fantastic gift. Especially if the skater in your life is older and needs to protect their joints. Even if they seem a bit unsure at first, I am sure they will love the insoles after trying them.

Personally, I feel so much fresher after a skate session with insoles. My knees feel the difference.

There are a bunch of good options and after trying most of the brands out there, I definitely recommend Remind skate insoles first or GameChanger insoles if you want to go a bit pricier.

If you want to learn about how skateboarding insoles will save your knees and help you skate, check out my in-depth review of some insoles I wore and tested.

A Cruiser Board

Cost: $80-$150

Ok. I know this article is about “cheap” gift ideas, but hear me out. Cruisers are awesome.

I think every skater should have two set-ups. One to do tricks with and one to just cruise with. Unfortunately, many skaters are lacking the cruiser setup.

This is where you come in.

A cruiser board is a bit of a splurge gift, but the skater in your life is bound to enjoy it. Also, this gift can lead you into starting to learn to cruise, and maybe soon you will be cruising with your skater! So think of this as an investment in good times. I have spent many hours riding my cruiser so I consider the price a bargain.

Santa Cruz Skateboarding Co has some fantastic cruisers and probably the best selection of cruiser boards out there. There are also some good smaller brands like Landyachtz and Globe.

A Skateboarding Hardware Kit

Cost: $15-$30

This gift is another great and affordable option that is also extremely practical.

A skateboarding hardware kit simply refers to a skateboarding toolkit with spare parts just in case something needs to be replaced on your skateboard. Typically, a hardware kit comes with bearings, bushings, wheels, washers, and extra sets of wheels.

The hardware kit is cool to have and is one of the best gifts you can give to a skater. They are unlikely to already have one, they will definitely use it, and it’s cheap.

So go ahead and order one or pick one up from your local.

If you’re struggling with trucks that are too tight or too loose, check out my guide on how to get just the right truck tightness for your ride.

A Deck from Their Favorite Brand

Cost: $50-$80

This gift would be higher on our list if it weren’t for the cost doesn’t exactly fall in the “cheap” range.

A new skateboard deck just feels great to have. You are excited to set it up and skate it for the first time. The skater in your life is bound to love this gift and will definitely put it to use sooner rather than later.

Try to find out the brand they like to skate and pick out a sick graphic from that company. Otherwise, find out what skater they like and get them a pro model deck for that skater. I would cry tears of liquid joy if someone went ahead and bought me an Andy Anderson flight deck as a gift 🙂

Personally, I’m partial to Alien Workshop, Element, and Powell-Peralta decks. Honestly, there are a huge amount of great options out there.

A Subscription to Their Local Indoor Park

Cost: $10-$50

Sometimes a skater is unfortunate to live somewhere other than California. Those poor lost souls.

Luckily, when winter hits, there is usually an indoor skate park somewhere close, and wouldn’t it be great if someone gifted your skater a membership to their local indoor park?

Yes, it would be great.

Memberships cost money and too many skaters I know don’t have any. Also, indoor skateparks are an absolute necessity when it comes to winter skating. Particularly for anyone who lives up north where it can get bleak during the winter months.

Memberships can be quite expensive for a full month or two so you can also ask if the skatepark has gift cards available. Then you can spend exactly as what’s within your budget.

If your daughter is getting into skateboarding for the first time, check out my no-BS guide to purchasing a skateboard for a young or teenage girl.

Are There Any Gifts that You Should Avoid?

My personal opinion is that all gifts are good gifts because really the thought is what counts.

That being said, some things to avoid gifting to the skater in your life include

  • Helmets
  • Protective Gear
  • Fingerboards
  • Anything that doesn’t mesh with their own style

Many skaters simply don’t wear protective gear at all and helmets and pads are a waste of money. Fingerboards are cute, but might not be appreciated, and be careful when buying them those hot pink Jaden Smith pants. Buying clothes for someone else can be tricky so stick to something simple like a t-shirt.

What is the Best Gift for My Skater Girl?

I have said this once and I will repeat it here.

In skateboarding, there is no difference in gear or setup based on gender. Every setup or gear made for guys is also appropriate for girls and women too. There is no such thing as a girl skateboard. Don’t fall for the false marketing ploys.

That means that every gift listed in this article is good for either boys or girls. There is nothing listed above that your skater girl or girlfriend won’t be happy to receive.


So there are nine wonderful and mostly cheap gifts for the skater in your life. You can’t really go wrong with any of these gifts because as always it’s the thought that counts. That being said, these gifts are sick and any skater would be ecstatic to receive them.

If you want to support me and the content that I provide, then please follow one of the links that I put in this article when shopping for your loved one. I receive a small commission from anything you order.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and look out for more content from Board and Wheels.


There aren’t really any sources for this information other than my own experience. There are other great articles out there on this subject worth checking out. Below are links to a few of the companies mentioned in this article.

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