The 9 Best Skate Videos and Parts for 2021

The Best Skate Videos

Let’s start this article with the best total videos from 2021. I took into consideration music selection, style, technical ability, and just overall fun when I chose these.

1. Pizza Skateboards- Ethereum

I don’t like Pizza Skateboards’ graphics.

There. I said it.

That being said, the team over at Pizza Skateboards has put together a fantastic street part full of big rails, hard slams, and clashes with security and the police. This isn’t the most technical skateboarding out there but it is satisfying to watch.

Rahim Robinson isn’t laying down his tricks perfectly, but he is still impressive with his grind combinations and skates with his own raw style. Ducky Kovacs is creative and smooth. Besides a double rail double axle grind, Vincent Milou doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but he is just soothing to watch hit trick after trick.

I also like the retro graphics they edited into the video and I like Ethereum the cryptocurrency. Give this a watch.

2. Illegal Civilization- Godspeed

It’s been such a long year, I was kind of shocked to learn that this video was dropped in 2021.

The hype on this video is big and it is rightly deserved. Maybe it’s not this generation’s Baker 3, but it is exceptional throughout with a banger of a finisher by Alex Midler.

The vibes, the chemistry of the team, and the overall quality of the individual parts make this something special. Zion Wright is a standout. Ishod Wair is charismatic, raw, and talented. Generally speaking, if you enjoy skate content then definitely subscribe to the Illegal Civ channel on Youtube. They put out well-shot, quality content.

3. Nike SB’s Constant

The whole video is casual and fun. Eric Koston hangs out for certain parts.

Rowan Davis shreds in this video (as well as his Spitfire part also from this year), Grant Taylor shines as a seasoned veteran, and the soundtrack is on point. Love or hate Nike, they have put out some great videos, and even without Nyjah, this video keeps up that streak.

Also, did you know that Rowan Davis and I are both named Rowan? Now that’s cool.

Give it a watch.

5. Bronze 56k- The Reuben

This is a video I didn’t watch until I wrote this list.

Heavily recommended by strangers on the internet that I’ve never met, this video doesn’t disappoint.

The video started off with a shoddily animated rocket launch and then a helmetless backside tailslide into a halfpipe. From that point on, I knew this video was going to be stupid.

Gus is fearless and sacrifices his body to put out satisfying and heavy-hitting tricks. He kind of reminds me of Jamie Foy with his body type and style. I wasn’t a huge fan of heavy metal music though. The whole video is eclectic and funny and seems very self-aware.

The video finisher was a kickflip down a double set of stairs.

It was a nice kickflip.

6. Vans- Nice to See You

The late October release of Van’s Nice to See You does not disappoint as the music tracks are memorable and fitting, the skating is satisfying to watch, and the skaters themselves are personable enough to stand out.

I won’t say that all of the skating in this part is the smoothest or most technically advanced, but I don’t enjoy watching technically perfect skating anyway. Breana Geering doesn’t skate the biggest spots or has the smoothest flip tricks, but I can’t look away when her part comes on.

Chima Ferguson’s technically impressive, smooth, and big gaps filled part will satisfy any street skating lover. His part is interspersed with pictures of him playing with his family and it makes it all the more personal.

For whatever reason, the soundtrack reminded me of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy soundtrack which is not a bad thing.

If you want to find more motivation to get out there and skate, check out my ultimate skating motivation guide. I put together a personal playlist, skateboarding quotes, and inspirational stories to make you want to go skate.

The Best Skate Parts

Alright, onto the individual skate parts. I am going to write this up so the total combined individual parts and complete skate parts total nine. Otherwise, I will write forever and the weather today is nice so I want to go ahead and get outside.

Anyway, let’s dive into the three best individual skate parts of 2021.

1. Rowan Davis’ Spitfire Scenic Part

Rowan Davis has one of the best skating styles out there.

He is smooth, creative, and always seems to choose the best trick for the spot. His part often feels like he is cruising and skating the streets and someone happens to be filming. All of his tricks look effortless and have great stylistic flair. From the height and ease with which he catches his kickflip to the way he somehow manages to grind handrails in the tightest spots, Rowan is just a pleasure to watch.

This is exactly what I think street skating can and should be.

2. Mark Suciu’s Spitfire Part

I can’t make a best video part list for 2021 without mentioning Mr. Skater of the Year himself.

Mark Suciu is a beast with plenty of footage to back it up and this late 2021 New York skate part is sure to keep you warm during the winter.

Suciu rivals Jamie Foy’s creativity and verboseness with grind variations, throws in a huge heaping of creativity, and is flawless in his board control to boot. He was prolific with his video parts in 2021 and this final Spitfire part is just the icing on the cake. Mix Suciu’s creative and smooth skating with some iconic New York spots and you have a recipe for success.

Give this video a watch. You won’t regret it.

3. Joey O’Brian’s Untitled 005

I was a bit conflicted for this last individual skate part spot. I was tempted to choose either Chima Ferguson’s Nice to See You or Jonny Giger’s 2021 part. However, after searching around for other opinions, I think it is safe to give this to Joey O’Brian.

East coast skaters have killed it over this past year and Joey O’Brian adds to the onslaught of awesomeness. I feel almost dizzy after watching this lengthy part. Joey packs so much work into nearly 10 minutes of skating that I almost think he should have released two parts.

His tricks are largely clean and controlled even when hitting big rails over big gaps. His technically impressive, but not always the most creative. To be fair though, when you put together a ten-minute part, not every trick is going to be unique.

Check this part out and if you haven’t heard of Joey O’Brian, then it’s about time that you have.


So it might or might not be obvious already that this list is mostly my personal favorites. It’s impossible to objectively say that one video part is better than another and there is so much great content being put out there all the time.

Hopefully, you saw a video that you also liked be mentioned. Maybe this list helped you find a video you haven’t watched before that you like. Either way, that’s a win in my book.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and look out for more content from Board and Wheels.

Honorable Mentions

Chocolate Skateboard’s Bunny Hop Video

Jonny Giger’s 2021 Street Part

Andy Anderson Biopic


I didn’t want this to just be a list of videos and parts that I personally liked, so I went and got some opinions from others particularly Quarter Snacks for the best individual parts. Internet sources that I used are listed below. I also got some suggestions from friends of mine.

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