25 Skateboarding Memes That Are Painfully True

Memes are funny. In this tough meme economy, stonks have been down for a painfully long time. Luckily, I have hand-selected some of the best skateboarding memes for you to invest in.

In skateboarding, there are a lot of unique situations and experiences that non-skaters don’t really understand and memes are really the perfect way to communicate these funny situations and share them. Some of the memes that I’m going to share here are just stupid like “Ollie Parton”, but others really are funny because they are so true.

Most of them make light of the struggles we all have trying to learn skateboarding which is one of the hardest hobbies out there. Skateboarding is seriously tough so we need some humor.

Anyway, let’s dive into and look at some memes.

1. This is sarcasm. She needs to see your kickflip first.

2. I stop believing they’ll land it after the first 1000 tries.

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3. Float like a butterfly, kickflip like a (Tony) Hawk.

4. Necessity is the mother of invention.

5. Honestly, Marc Demarco’s face is funny completely on its own.

6. Skaters are superior to scooter riders. I’m sorry I don’t make the rules.

7. Save your energy for what matters the most.

8. Landing primo leads to a violent and painful death. You’ve been warned.

9. This is what happens when you have a groups of people who love to skate living somewhere with natural disasters.

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10. Skateboarding is the only addiction that improves your life. Trust me crack doesn’t 🙁

11. This is poking fun at a classic meme format and takes it way too literally. Have you even tried to skate a rake?

12. Dolly Parton is a skater confirmed??

13. I am very guilty of this. Just slip in some insoles to fix those holes son. Keep skating.

14. I like cheese.

15. Why is there always someone upset at other people having harmless fun?

16. That bar of soap skates better than me.

17. Falling on a ledge hurts. But you can’t learn without falling. Oh god, what do I do!?

18. The skating community is low-key one of the most supportive communities out there.

19. Can’t resist making fun of longboarders.

20. This is what I aspire to. Forget skating the rake.

21. That dog is cooler than me. He probably has a steezier ollie too.

22. This is my favorite all-time skate meme. Use it wisely.

23. The secret to losing weight is eating less and healthier :'(

24. A single pebble will ruin your whole career.

25. I only skate good when no one is watching and my girlfriend goes to a different school you don’t know her. I swear.

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So there you have it. Skateboarding memes are hilarious and I love to send the good ones to my skater friends.

I tried to give credit when it was possible to figure out who made the memes, but if you recognize your meme and want credit then just reach out and I’ll change the post.

Maybe I should start making my own memes…

Anyway, thanks for reading, and look out for more articles from Board and Wheels.

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