9 Best Videos of Dogs Skateboarding

9 Best Videos of Dogs Skateboarding

Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog

Tillman the skateboarding bulldog was the first time I ever saw a a dog skate. His videos went viral in the mid to late 2000s and he rose to internet fame. You’re likely to have seen Tillman on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, or even on a couple news outlets.

He was great for raising awareness about skateboarding dogs everywhere 😉

Unfortunately he passed away in 2015 at 9 years old. He will be missed, but at least we have his videos to remember him by.

Henny the Skateboarding Bulldog

Why are bulldogs so dang good at skateboarding!?

Henny is a sweety and she actually went to visit the guys over at Braille and they made a great and hilarious video. Henny also has an Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Braille Skateboarding channel is a great channel and website if you don’t already know. They probably have one of the best skateboarding YouTube channels out there now.

Darrel the Doge

Darrel the Doge started starting in quarantine and has become a bit of a rising star in the skateboarding dog world. She also can do tricks on her skateboard! That’s pretty cool.

I saw her do basic commands like “Sit” and “Up” on her skateboard which is going above and beyond most skateboarding dogs. Even though all dogs and especially skateboarding dogs are amazing.

Find Darrel the Doge’s insta here.

Brutis the Skateboarding Rescue Dog

The video claims that Brutis just taught himself how to skateboard which I’m a little skeptical about, but who knows. Everything is possible in this crazy universe.

I do know that he is super cute and has a unique style to him.

Big Ole Bentley the 10 Year Old Skateboarding Dog

Bentley is a big dog which is pretty uncommon to see on a skateboard. Well, all dogs are, but big dogs especially.

This video shows off his moves and also gives some training tips if you’re considering training your dog to skateboard 😉

I can’t embed the video because it’s set to private, but feel free to hop over to YouTube to give it a watch. It’s a pretty good quality video and I’ll understand if you click away.

If you want to know about the first skateboarding anime check out our watching guide here.

Rush and Will the Skateboarding Collies

This pair of doggies are adorable and ride with a bit of simplistic style. They just push and look cute, but that’s ok.

They live in Italy and can even skateboard together! That’s really all we know. Oh and that there’s a video of them being beautiful and skating hesitantly on their boards.

Otto the World Record Holding Skateboarding Bulldog

I wanted to avoid putting too many bulldogs on this list for the sake of representation. It matters!

But Otto is a special case. He actually holds the world record for longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog on a skateboard. The record is 30 people and you can see it in this video.

Ok, that might just be enough useless information for today.

Murdy the Dawg

I love his name and his look. He’s a cute mixed breed that also has a full length skate part that was featured in Thrasher Magazine!

Whoa. This dawg has some pretty serious skill and has gotten some pretty serious recognition. Check out his Thrasher Magazine video part below. Enjoy.

Dogs Skating Compilation

I decided to end this video list with a skating compilation. This is because there are a ton of great clips and videos where we have no info on the dogs themselves. These hidden heroes are entertaining park goers everyway and luckily have been caught on camera for us to watch.

Thank goodness for the internet.

Can I Train My Dog to Skateboard?

Yes, you can! If you do train your dog to skateboard, will they get Instagram famous? I don’t know about that, but it will at least be a cool trick to start conversations at the park.

Teaching your dog to skateboard is just like teaching your dog any other trick. You need to reinforce the desired behavior over time with the use of treats and other rewards. However, teaching your dog to skateboard will take a little extra guidance as you get them accustomed to the skateboard.

Training your dog can still be a great way to spend time with a bond with your pet. Just don’t push them too hard or put them in dangerous situations. That is not ok and enters animal abuse territory.

Below are some tips to train your dog to skateboard:

Get Your Dog Comfortable with a Skateboard

Have your dog stand near the skateboard. Hold a treat in front of them and give them a reward anytime they touch, stand on, or move the skateboard. This is just to get them comfortable with the board and build association so any board interaction is good here.

Reinforce Standing on with the Board with Treats

Once your dog is comfortable being near and touching a skateboard, you want to get them comfortable standing on a skateboard. This can be scary for a pup, as the instability of the wheels is a new sensation.

Gently lead them onto the skateboard with your hand and give them a treat once they are fully on. Repeat this over the course of a few days until they understand that standing on a skateboard means treat.

Once they are familiar with this quickly move onto the next step, because there is more involved for this complex trick.

Reinforce Any Forward Motion with Treats

Once they can stand on a skateboard you will need to reinforce any forward movement. This part is tricky. The dog must figure out a pushing motion through trial and error. As the puppy has already learned that standing on the board means a treat, they might need some time to figure out how to push forward.

It will require at least one foot to come off the board. Reward any type of forward motion here.

If you want to read up on 25 interesting longboarding facts you can check out our list here.

Limit Rewards and Only Give Treats for Good Form

Ok, now it’s time to put it all together. You will need to limit rewards now to only when your dog pushes forward with the board and stays on. From training dogs in other tricks, I know some dogs will get this quickly and others will take some time.

Just be patient and give positive reinforcement. They are your pets and not a show animal. It’s ok if they struggle or can’t get it quite right. Still, show them love and eventually, I’m sure they will succeed.

See this great video for a step-by-step illustration of the training process and thanks to Darrel the Doge! 🙂

What Other Animals Have Skateboarded?

There are many animals that have been trained to ride skateboards! Some examples of these animals include:

Honestly, if the animal is trainable and not too large, then they can skateboard. Chickens are kind of iffy here and you can see in the video that they are really just being pushed on a skateboard. This is because chickens aren’t exactly trainable.

The same really goes for the parakeets as they are all riding tech decks. That being said, obviously this is all just cute and for fun. As long as no animals are being hurt, I approve of all of this silliness.


All dogs are cute and awesome. Especially if they skateboard too.

The videos mentioned are just videos I enjoyed scrolling through and watching on a lazy Sunday. This is purely subjective and for fun. By no means am I ranking these videos or these dogs in a serious manner. Board and Wheels is not affiliated with these dogs in any way.

You can also teach your dog to skateboard too if you are motivated enough. Just go at your dog’s pace and be patient. It’s really a complex trick with many steps so don’t expect magic to happen overnight.

Anyway, thanks for reading a be on the lookout for more articles from Board and Wheels.

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