187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards- Bought and Tested

187 Killer Pads have started from a skater working in a family upholstery business about 10 years ago. Now they are an extremely popular brand that sponsors skaters like Tony Hawk and Lizzie Armanto.

Overall, the pads are comfortable, durable, work well, and are competitively priced. I’ve had them for about two years and am nowhere near close to needing to replace them. I love the fit and the velcro straps have yet to wear down. The quality is there that you would expect from a large recognized name brand. You can purchase a pair in any size for $20-$23.

Generally speaking, wrist guards are cheap to purchase and can really save you a lot of pain and unnecessary injuries when you are just starting out. If you are more experienced, you might not need them as much.

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards User Experience

Personally, as I got back into skateboarding as an adult at the age of 25, I realized quickly that I was heavier, a bit less flexible, and falls hurt more. I ended up falling a lot as I relearned how to skateboard. I also, unfortunately, ended up spraining my wrists a lot. Particularly my left wrist.

Occasionally, I would tear up the skin of my palm on rough concrete.

No Bueno.

So I needed something to protect myself and I decided to get a pair of 187 Killer pads simply due to their affordable price and brand recognition. I ordered them off of Amazon for $23 total.

I like these wristguards a lot. They are easy to adjust the tightness of and use velcro straps to achieve this. The hard plastic guard fits snugly in my palm and the guards are very lightweight.

The palm guard has the flexibility to it so that it sorts of bounces when on impact. This helps absorb some impact force and is a lifesaver. The palm guard plastic can get a bit torn up on rough concrete, but in two years I’ve barely made a dent. That being said, I don’t fall too much anymore.

I have wanted to wash them before, but have yet to do so. So I’m not sure how washing them could affect their performance. I plan to run them through the wash and update this review when I do.

Overall, I’m definitely happy with my purchase. They fit comfortably, work great, have lasted, and were very affordable.

How Much Do 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards Cost?

187 Killer Pads wrist guards are $23 on the company site for all sizes and go as low as $20 on Amazon though the price is mostly identical. I would recommend purchasing them from the company site so as to directly support the company. There are also more options for sizing available on the company site.

The 187 Killer Pads wrist guards are competitively priced with other options. You can see the table of prices compared to competitors below.

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards$20-$22
Triple Eight Wrist Guards$20-$23
Pro-Tec Wrist Guards$20
Soared Wrist Guards$13 (I’m not sure I recommend these wrist guards)
ELOS Wrist Guards$20-$22

You can see that the price for wrist guards is pretty consistent across the industry. The exception is the Soared wrist guards. These guards are extremely minimalistic and don’t offer wrist support.They really only offer protection abrasions from the pavement.

Where Can You Buy 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards?

You can purchase 187 Killer Pads from their company website or on Amazon. The price on both of these sites are almost identical, but you might get them a couple of dollars cheaper on Amazon.

You can also find these pads in local realtors, but this is something you should call ahead and confirm. Don’t be afraid to call your local skate shop and see what they have in stock.

What Size Should I Buy?

The sizing makes these wrist guards appropriate for a child as young as 5 years old as well as adults.

To figure out your sizing, you need to measure your hand circumference at the knuckles. It’s encouraged that if you are unsure about your size then you should go one size up. This is better than having a wrist guard you can’t even put on. The sizing is as follows:

SizeKnuckle Circumference
Junior (JR)6 in – 7 in
Extra-small (X-Small)7 in – 8 in
Small8 in – 9 in
Medium9 in – 10 in
Large10 in – 11 in

Should I Buy Wrist Guards?

Whether or not you need wrist guards is your decision. If you an adult skater, then I would definitely recommend them. For an adult beginner, they are essential.

Otherwise, if your child is just getting started with skating then I would also recommend them. If your teenager is just starting, make sure they’ll actually wear the wrist guards first. You don’ want to buy them and have your teenager refuse to use them.

Honestly, when skating street or flatground, I rarely need them. I really only use them on rough pavement when I don’t want to tear up my palm. That being said, when I was a beginner I fell often.

If you are skating vert or transition, they really aren’t necessary once you know how to fall properly. You rarely see professional skaters wearing wrist guards on half-pipes. They only wear the essential helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Who are 187 Killer Pads?

187 Killer Pads is a company founded out of a family upholstery business by a long time skater in the family. The company was founded about 10 years ago and has grown into a pretty well-recognized brand. They have a long list of skaters that they sponsor including Tony Hawk and Lizzie Armanto; two of the most famous skateboarders currently.

They sell more than wrist guards and also feature helmets, knee and elbow pads, ankle braces, bags, and some merch. They’re an American-based company that distributes all over the world.


In conclusion, 187 Killer Pads make a solid and long-lasting pair of wrist guards. They fit snugly, the velcro doesn’t wear out easily, and they are competitively priced. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and am nowhere near needing to replace them.

Of course, I rarely fall on them anymore.

Thanks for reading and look out for more articles from Board and Wheels.

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