When Should I Go To The Skatepark?

Going to the skatepark can be tricky business. You will get completely different experiences depending on what time of day you go. The best time to go to the skatepark depends on what your priorities are.

The best time to go to the skatepark is between 7 am to 11 am in the morning. If you want an uncrowded park and plenty of room to practice, then this is the time for you. The weather is typically cooler in the morning and you won’t feel any pressure from other skaters as the park will be mostly empty.

Alternatively, if you want to meet up with your friends, then the afternoon and early evening could be the best time to go. These are the most popular times of the day at the skatepark and you can easily meet new people. However, the weather will be hotter and it will be harder to have space to practice or make a line.

So really it has to do with your preference.

When is the Best Time to Go to the Skatepark?

For Practice and Weather

The best time to go to the skatepark is generally between 7am -11am in the morning. This is because the weather will usually be cooler in the morning and the park will be less crowded. You want a less crowded park so you can have space to practice and try things that normally you would be uncomfortable with.

There is a huge difference in learning to drop-in surrounded by other skaters waiting to use the bowl compared to learning with no pressure to rush at an empty skatepark.

Personally, I also just love the feel of starting early in the day and having no one to watch. Skateboarding generally gives me a feeling of freedom and a cool morning at the skatepark really amplifies that.

Also, I need some space and no pressure to really learn some of the scarier tricks. I would never have gotten comfortable dropping in if there was a line of impatient skaters behind me waiting to use the bowl. I needed the space of an early morning skatepark.

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For Being Social and Meeting Friends

If you want to meet other skaters, then the best time to go to the park is when it is more crowded.

Most skateparks are usually busiest between 2pm-7pm. This is because kids are out of school, adults might have just gotten off of work, and skaters are usually simply not early starters. You will want to go to the skatepark around this time.

The weather will generally be hotter and it will be harder to find your own space at the park. However, there are some benefits.

If you know general park etiquette, you can still have plenty of space to practice or take your turn carving a bowl. You will naturally rub shoulders with other skaters and end up meeting someone new. You might also get some tips or advice on your tricks.

Most people at the skatepark are really friendly and want to help you out. I’ve rarely met any assholes. Even the kids and teenagers are generally sweet. They might be frustrating sometimes, but only because of a lack of awareness.

For many people, the skatepark is their social hour. Adults, college kids, or teenagers alike come here to relax with their friends. So don’t be afraid. Just get out there and you’ll naturally meet some skater friends.

cruising skateboard on a sidewalk
Some friends of mine I cruise with.

Should I go to the Skatepark as a Beginner?

Going to a skatepark as a beginner is always intimidating and makes many skaters anxious. Most beginner skaters want to wait until they can do some flat ground tricks before heading to the skatepark.

Beginner skaters should still go to the skatepark. Skateparks are designed to have obstacles specifically for skating and can quickly improve your skills. You will not be judged for being a beginner and you will likely make some new people if you are friendly. You might also get some tips and advice.

Personally, I rode around for weeks and learned how to ollie before venturing to the skatepark. I was anxious about getting judged.

I had just gotten back into skating after 10 years off at the age of 25. I had to relearn my ollie and get comfortable on the board again. I felt like I should be better because I was older. I was worried I would get judged.

These anxious thoughts were silly. I ended up going to the skatepark in the morning at first to avoid any crowds. I still ended up meeting people and they were always incredibly supportive. I ended up get all sorts of advice and general encouragement from those I met.

I never really encountered the criticism I was afraid of.

I realized that other skaters are just trying to get better themselves, unwind, and maybe do better then their personal best.

So don’t worry and just get out there. You will likely meet a few others at your level of skill as well. There are always a few beginners at the park and I never have thought anything bad about them. I also often see people share encouraging words or tips.

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In conclusion, the best time to go to the park really depends on what experience you want to get out of it.

If you want space to practice and cooler weather, then you should go in the morning between 7am and 11am.

If you want a more social experience, then you should go in the afternoon or early evening between 2pm and 7pm.

Really, there is no wrong time to go to the skatepark. If your schedule means you can only skate in the early evenings, then the best time for you to go skate is in the early evenings. Tons of people don’t have the flexibility in their schedules to be picky about when they skate. So if you’re able to get to the skatepark at all, then that’s a win.

Thanks for reading and look out for more articles from Board and Wheels!

I’m going to go put longboard wheels on an old skateboard now 🙂

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